Teachers Behaving Badly: Things Get Worse For Former Coach and Teacher

All of a sudden, there was a spike in visitors to our page on Brad Matlock, the 45 year old former teacher and coach for the Inola School District (at that time) who was accused of leaving his young children in a hot car while he went into a Fort Gibson casino to go gambling back in July.

Turns out, the hub-bub wasn’t due to increased interest in his past mis-deeds, but because of the new story that Bradley Matlock is facing charges for having sex with a student.  I knew we should have a feature on teachers behaving badly.

This story comes out of  Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

“45-year-old Brad Matlock is accused of having sex with a student while on campus.

“He’s currently charged with three crimes, rape in the second degree, rape by instrumentation in the second degree and forcible sodomy,” said Jack Thorp, the 1st Assistant District Attorney in District 27.”

The article is careful to point out that while the victim was a 16 year old girl, the sex was apparently consensual, and it occured some time ago.  From the article: ”Matlock was a teacher and a track and football coach at Tahlequah High School when the alleged rape occurred.”

The article sheds additional light on his history.  For instance, while he was touted as an Inola coach back in the previous article, his resignation came before he began according to this article, and since then, his employment at another school has already ceased. 

“Matlock left Tahlequah schools after last school year and most recently he was employed by Inola Schools and then Stigler schools.

In Inola, Matlock resigned before he even started. When 2News called Stigler, district officials would only confirm that he was no longer employed there.”

It’s time for a wake-up call.  Every teacher knows sex with a student is a job-ender.  Almost everyone knows sex with someone under the age of consent is statutory rape.  Most people can figure out that leaving kids in a hot car while you go gambling is misplaced priorities.  Maybe it’s just a really bad year for Mr. Matlock.  Maybe some of these accusations will be proven unfounded.  Maybe he just needs to get his act together before the next time he ends up in handcuffs. 

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