Indiana Man Admits To Molesting 3-Year-Old Daughter

Molesting a child is a heinous, unforgivable action, but now an Indiana man admits to molesting his daughter several years ago when she was three.  How wonderful of him to admit this, and to spare his daughter any additional grief of trying to prove it, right?  No.  Wrong.  She was removed from the home in July, and “[d]uring the investigation, the daughter told a person interviewing her that her father had performed sex acts on her when she was younger.”

This story out of Auburn, Indiana, features Richard Steckley Jr. (hmm… suffixes.  You know those automatically make me suspicious…)

An examination at Fort Wayne Sexual Assault Treatment Center apparently confirmed the daughter’s story, and Steckley admitted his guilt when detectives interviewed him.  On the one hand, I wish every molester would admit their crimes to spare their victims some of the trauma of a long, drawn out trial and attempts to prove the incident, but it would be a better world if people could just stop this altogether.  Who the hell thinks that a three year old is in any way sexually appealling?  Who could look into their young daughter’s eyes and do something so wrong?

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