Intoxicated Couple Found on Street with Cocaine, Kids

A report of an intoxicated couple with kids near a corner store resulted in two individuals having a visit to jail, and police finding cocaine and the antidepressant Trazodone.

In Bangor, Maine, on a nice Saturday afternoon, police had to roll out to a report of an intoxicated couple, now known as Michael Vose and Tania Perry who happened to have an unidentified number and assortment of children with them.

Because children were involved, the Department of Health and Human Services were called out.  In addition to being intoxicated, police found cocaine and a prescription drug (Trazodone).  While Vose was released from jail, Perry, mother of the children, was still locked up Sunday night according to the article.

I have been advised that I may make additional provisions, including language to limit or supplement authority granted to my Agent, and I choose not to do so.    Michael Vose, 26, of Bangor, who he described in his report as heavily intoxicated, the sergeant said.“Because of the children he had with him, one officer got on the phone with DHS for an emergency intervention for the kids,” Bishop said, referring to the Department of Health and Human Services.

Police also spoke with Tania Perry

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