Dad Accused of Helping Son Cover Up Texas Shooting

Not a lot of details on this one, but the father of an alleged murderer in McEllan, Texas has been arrested for helping his son cover up the crime, and for possession of a controlled substance.  Rogelio Maldonado, Sr. allegedly tried to hide the weapon his son Rogelio Jr. used in the shooting (which according to the article he admits to) of his cousin, Luis Manuel Gonzalez, during an argument.

Parents, an important lesson you should have learned already: if you attempt to cover up your children’s crime, you too are committing a crime.  Look at that horror story in Central Florida where a step-father allegedly helped a group of kids that tortured and killed another teenager in the cover-up.  I understand you’re trying to protect your kid, I do.  But a crime has been committed, presumably against someone else’s kid.  Your decision to take justice into your own hands, to tamper with evidence, to prolong the suffering of the victim or victim’s family, is criminal.  Don’t compound the problem, don’t become PART of the problem, just to help your kids avoid facing responsibility for their actions.

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