Mississippi Man likely to face 600 counts of child molestation

In Mississippi, Frederick “Freddy” Morris was arrested at the house he shared with his wife and children.  Well, according to court records, Morris is accused of molesting a girl for 6 years, starting from when she was 9 and ending the day before Morris was arrested.  And it looks like investigators plan to play rough:

“Detectives told the judge that at least 600 counts of child molestation would be presented to a grand jury in the case.  Additional counts may be brought, depending on what the continuing investigation revealed.”

What the parents did wrong: No, I’m not talking about the parents of the molested girl.  I’m talking about Morris’s wife.   Something, anything, in the past 6 years, should have tipped you off that your husband was doing something untoward.  He can’t spend $20 on lotto tickets without you jumping down his neck (note: maybe he can, I’m just using that to make a point) but he can spend years assaulting a girl?

Pop Quiz:  First off, how do you not know?  Seriously.  How do you not know that your husband is molesting a young girl?  Are there not signs?  A concern that this young kid is spending too much time there?  That his kisses smell like jolly ranchers?  Wasn’t there something?

And if you did know, how could you leave your kids there with him?  Husband, father… how do you know how “safe” a predator he may be? Maybe he’s not taking sexually compromising pictures of your kids and sending them to inmates, and maybe he hasn’t admitted to multiple offenses, but you’ll never forgive yourself if you find out something happened to your kids.

The Feel Good Part: From the article itself: “If convicted of 20 counts of child molestation, Morris faces up to 15 years in prison on each count or 300 years.”

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