The Victims

May 26th, 2012

What follows is a submission stemming from an article on Vyctorya Sandoval from almost a year ago.  It is the author’s opinion and account of the situation and obviously isn’t necessarily a reflection of the opinions or views of this site.  It is, however, another look at a sad state of affairs and one more plea to increase our collective efforts to protect the children.

Gloria’s story:

I understand the statement your blog is trying to make to the public. Vyctorya Sandoval didn’t have a voice, but know thru good people her death will not be in vain. I believe that Tori’s Touch has great meaning and this horrible nightmare should never accrue again. Its impact should be successful and bring awareness to all children’s parents and foster parents nation wide. I too own a Pink Tori Shirt, and support the cause. I write this not only to write about the campaign but, about other Victims in this horrible story.

I am Joseph’s aunt on his mothers’ side, my daughter and Joseph are cousins. I am sad to say that Vyctoria, Joseph and Lisa (mom) are all Victims of Jennifer Dalhovers evilness. This story of these two parents started in the City of Apple Valley when Joseph was only 17 yrs old. Lisa (mom) requested help from Apple Valley Sheriffs Dept. in 3 separate occasions pleading to have Jennifer arrested, since Joseph was a minor. Somewhere, somehow, someone detective decided it was not important enough to make an effort. With written police report proof on hand, Lisa was denied help and Jennifer was hiding out Joseph. Joseph has always been kind, polite, well mannered, clean record up to the time he met Jennifer. Because of Jennifers’ past, this baby dad story had previously happen with another family. Last month at the Pomona Courthouse Lisa and I were present, and met foster mom Kelly who introduced us to a woman grandma, and two girl’s granddaughters who are Jennifers’ daughters. Wow, these two girls were happy to see their mother behind bars and stated ” my mom is going to get what see deserves.” The grandma who I can’t recall her name explained to Lisa and I that her son at 14, was with Jennifer who was older like around 18 plus years. Grandma also asked Apple Valley Police Dept. for assistance and too was denied help. The result was she has 2 granddaughters and has foster care or custody of these 2 grand daughters.

The story repeated itself, and the horrible part is a death of a child has opened our eyes on how L.A. Children’s Services dropped the ball with the pleadings against returning Tori to her parents.

The eye opening on how Jennifer has manipulated the county system, especially Joseph also was stated by Jennifers’ older daughters on Fox News Interview.

The eye opening on how the City of Apple Valley Police Dept. Sheriffs denied both mothers for assistance against Jennifer.

Was the Apple Valley Police practicing DOUBLE STANDARDS? How did Jennifer not get caught after less than a decade being accused for the same crime? and under Foster Care Watch?

My Nephew, sister-in-law and Tori are VICTIMS OF Jennifer’s and L.A County Troubled Children’s Services. Our family is saddened for the loss of our little one and future support Toristorch. We are going to become more vocal active in helping Joseph receive help and support as a Victim of Crime.

This post was submitted by Gloria De La Cruz.

Update to Davidsville PA Gun Case

January 25th, 2012

This site is opinion.  We base these opinions on the facts that we have.  There is always more to every story.  Sometimes, that more is a sign that the worst hasn’t been made public.  Sometimes the more is context, or an explanation.  If you have any information about anything you see on this site, please send us an e-mail  or leave a comment.  One reader has taken us up on this by submitting a very lengthy and detailed account of a case we talked about in May where a father and son were involved in an altercation.

Christopher Romoni is a 34 year old known drug dealer who was recruiting teen age children at the school to sell prescription(Oxycontin,Xanax,Vicodin,and etc.) pills for him. Jeremy and his Girlfriend (whom both were 17 years old at the time) ripped him off of the drug money and pills. Well this infuriated Chris who came to find Jeremy and his girlfriend. Jeremy and his girlfriend fled to her Grandfathers house on West Campus Ave right near the school and called Jeremy’s father. Jeremy explained to his father Burt McBee what he and his girlfriend had gotten themselves into. Burt said he would come over with the money to pay the guy off to help Jeremy and his girlfriend.

Burt then comes over and he tells Christopher here’s your money don’t come around any of these kids or this school again(maybe not in so many nice words but would you be nice to the guy who supplying your child with drugs) Burt and Chris then get into an psychical altercation and Jeremy jumps in to help his Dad. Chris goes for Burt’s gun and the gun discharges. Burt then hit’s Chris with the gun and neighbors call police.

All charges have been dropped against the McBee’s ..Jeremy and his girlfriend have successfully completed drug rehab. Christopher has successfully dodged police with his drug dealing but it’s only a matter of time until they get him. Christopher has been in psychical altercations with others over drugs but intimidates the victims and gets the charges dropped because it easy to scare kids because that’s who he deals with.

To show you further proof I am supplying you with court documents C. Romoni

McBee’s court documents:

In my opinion Mr.McBee is a hero because Chris no longer comes to the high school selling his garbage.

Right now, I’m having trouble calling up the court documents, but it doesn’t sound like there’s any evidence of the drug allegations, but it’s certainly a different light to the story.

Dead 4 Year Old Allegedly Starved, Tied Up, Drugged

January 8th, 2012

A 4 year old died last year and set off a firestorm of controversy, specifically who should be blamed.  A fair amount of the blame lies squarely on the mother accused of drugging the child she now alleges “was acting crazy and her little ass was wilding out,” according to police.

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Dad and Son Hold Down and Hammer Man

January 8th, 2012

I’m rarely surprised when dads and sons get together to commit assault.  In this case, the dad is 40 and his son 18.  The dad held their 32 year old victim down while his son beat him in the head with a hammer.

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Dad Stabs Man He Thinks Is Staring At Kids

November 22nd, 2011

Parents have every right to be protective of their children.  But, there are limits, both to how protective we are, and what we can do.  Stabbing a man you think is staring at your children is probably not the best thing you can do.

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Mom Sentenced For Teen’s Drinking Party Death

November 22nd, 2011

The courts are a slow burn of justice.  I can be frustrating for victims to know that it may take years for their trauma to be over, and for the innocent accused, it can be incredibly upsetting to know that vindication won’t come until after people lose interest in hearing about your case.

But, the courts do move.  After a Joseph Daniel Furr died in her home in December 2008, a few days after Christmas, Julie Ann Noble was finally “sentenced to between 16 months and 20 months in prison” for “bought Kentucky bourbon for the party that night”.

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Man Gets Jail Time For Breaking Baby’s Foot With Bite

November 16th, 2011

How many have played the cutesy baby game where you pretend you’re going to eat someone?  “Oh, I’m going to get you… I’m going to eat you up om nom nom!” Apparently Joe I. Goodall took it one step too far and “will serve seven years in state prison for biting his 7-month-old daughter’s foot so hard a bone broke”.

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Drug Suspect Barricaded in Home With Toddler

November 4th, 2011

Think drugs are a harmless lifestyle choice?  What about when drugs lead to a standoff with SWAT team members, and a toddler, a two year old girl, is caught in the middle?  Because that’s what happened recently when a “little girl was inside 3808 Arlington Ave. on Thursday afternoon as police and a SWAT team surrounded the home to arrest her father”.

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